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ASM Academy - powered by docebo

Welcome to the ASM Academy! Our goals are to improve your learning experience and knowledge and this will be completed with eLearning that will further enhance the current classroom training courses we currently offer. With the help of detailed, interactive, guided learning and virtual reality, we want to immerse you in the world of DIGITAL LEARNING!

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Digital Learning at the ASM Academy:
The New Generation of Interactive Training.

Structured Modules tailored to individual needs.

Virtual Reality features for true „Hands On“ Feeling

Any device, any location, any time: „Learn as you please“.

ASM Academy Benefits

Learning independent of place and time
Digital learning enables the learner to learn anywhere and at any time. The learner is not bound to a training room. All he needs is a mobile device and internet.

Different learning types
Everyone learns differently, one learns better by looking, the other by listening. Digital Learning makes it possible to reach all these different types of learners.

Costs and resource savings
In order to organize global training courses, travel and accommodation costs are necessary. Through digital learning, is no travelling needed, all learners are reached globally, and these costs are eliminated.

Virtual Reality
Practical experience on the machine with the help of virtual training with instructions and interactive step by step tutorials.

Enabling the Digital World of Learning

The ASM Academy is a learning platform for electronics manufacturing.

The new type of training, "digital learning", enables your team to learn flexibly independent from location and time.

Learning gaps can be recorded by reports and courses can be individually adapted to the different target groups. With the help of graphics, images, animation, videos, text to speech and virtual reality every type of learner is included. The learner can determine the learning speed himself.

The interactive course design involves the learner which increases the motivation to learn.

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For more details about Digital Learning in General and about the ASM Academy in very particular, please download the presentation.

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For Android:

Please note that the app is provided for free by ASM Assembly Systems. In order to use the app however, you will need an asm-academy account.

At Google Playstore (not available in China)

For easiest access, please go to the Google Playstore, type in "ASM Academy", and install the App. Alternatively, you can access the Playstore via the QR Code below.

Direct Download (incl China)

For global roll-out, the app has been made available for direct download from this page. Please download the App directly to your mobile phone or tablet either by clicking on the "download" button below (if you browse the page with the device) or use the QR Code to get to the right address.

Please confirm "open in browser", "download" and "install". Finally, please grant permission to access your camera for full academy experience.


For Apple iOS: Go Learn by Docebo Srl

Please note that the app is provided for free by docebo. In order to use the app however, you will need an asm-academy account.

For direct access to the app, please click on the "Go To AppStore" button below or use the QR code to go directly to the AppStore and download the app.

After installation, in order to connect the app with your respective ASM Academy account, please do (only once):
1) type in the respective region "platform URL" as given below when prompted by the app, then
2) enter your account credentials.

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