asemoHOTSPOTS: Presenting ASM FactoryChat

ASM FactoryChat

Welcome to the new tool of choice for communication and collaboration at the shop floor!

Please find more exciting information below. At the bottom of the page, you will find an invite for a free trial version.

Use FactoryChat as

Asset Management tool:
The bottom line for any efficient IIOT Application: Define your line equipment assets according to ISA 95 in an easy to view format.

Information Management tool:
Centrally collect and store all important information on your manufacturing assets.

“Downtime Minimizer” tool:
The FactoryChat database becomes the repository for your manufacturing expertise, easily searchable for solutions and fixes.

“Accelerated Learning” tool:
Making sure, that experience is evenly shared by a tool that is convenient to use, operators learn faster, better, and more sustainable.

Knowledge Managemet tool:
Combining all of the above, FactoryChat can even work as a plant wide knowledge management system

“Data Protection” tool:
With factory chat, all information shared via the tool will remain company property and protected from the outside world.

How will FactoryChat help you to stay competitive?

Staying atop takes competence and capabilities. ASM FactoryChat can support you in many different ways. In fact it is not just one more tool, you can use it as a tool in multiple different aspects.

All of the following aspects being globally available makes it a unique collaboration tool. Data can be securely collected and searched on every machine, on every line, in every factory.

Want to know what happened on 2nd shift at the factory in China? Just pull up the shift report. Want to see what caused the down time on a specific line? Search on that line. And do this from anywhere in the world at any time for any period of time.

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“Testing is believing”

In order to give you a full insight in what ASM FactoryChat can do for you, please enter into a "60 days free-of-charge" trial period. You will have all features as a full subscription version, only the number of available assets is limited to 100 (which is not really a limit in a trial phase).

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We are convinced that the value provided by ASM FactoryChat will impress you. If you want to take the next step and get a full installation, please let us know and we will be back to you with more information. The Digital Factory Team of ASM Assembly Systems looking forward to supporting you in migrating your shop floor communication and collaboration into the digital age.

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