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Challenges in the Smart Factory

In an ever faster changing business and technology environment, manufacturers of electronics assembly are increasingly faced with two major challenges:

  • The "TODAY challenge": Being focused on an optimized factory today with smooth proesses along the entire supplychain is key for "operational survival".
  • The "TOMORROW challenge": Always having a lookout for "the next big thing" to come, with clear strategic directions for not losing ground in the digital race is the main reuirement to provide for a "long business life" of the company and its competitiveness, hence for profitability and "jobs".

With all the volatile changes and unknown future potentials, the "old school" key drivers of success are still valid (and most likely always will):
Cost, Time, Quality.

Where to find assistance in asemoWORLD

asemoWORLD is bound to support electronics manufacturers with what it takes, separated in two main "areas":

  • asemoHOTSPOTS: WithKnowing what is "hot" today and what potential it may have for your business tomorrow is a key factor for sustainable success. asemoHOTSPOTS are a collection of topics where the asemoCREW and asemoPARTNERS believe that they have the potential to become the next "business vulcano". Get insights and direct access to your asemoHOTSPOTS for smart factory integration.
  • asemoPARTNERS: In order to really get the best of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories, suppliers of assembly equipment, technologies and process-expertise need to be more than just "vendors". They need to see each other as real partners being committed to provide the optimum solution. That is the concept of asemoPARTNERS: Working together to achieve the best possible outcome. And asemoWORLD's intention is to provide what it takes to do so in a smooth and seamless way. The list is of asemoPARTNERS is course never complete, but we will work hard to keep it growing further.

There would be so much more to say yet written words are sometimes hard to comprehend:

  • If you want to know more about the concept, about what asemoWORLD can be for you,
  • in case you have a "hotspot" that you think should be covered at www.asemo.world/#hot_spots, or
  • if you want to join asemoWORLD as an asemoPARTNER,

feel free to contact us directly: Contact asemoWORLD

asemoWORLD for electronics manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer of electronics, joining asemoWORLD provides a couple of strong advantages:

  • Combining "Hot Spots" with "Today's Workhorses" in the Shops & Tools area: Get in all in one space, both the solutions and materials you need to do business today and the potential disruptors that may change the business tomorrow. Use it both in your favor!
  • One stop shopping, tooling, and more: The "digital lobby" conveniently combines the access to your preferred digital services.
  • Ready for full process integration: The "Getting it all from one spot" is important yet only the first step. "Running it all via one spot" will be the key success factor in the near future. asemoWORLD makes sure you will be among the first to fully benefit from real Smart Factory Integration.

Take advantage of asemoWORLD: Make it YOUR world!

The selection of partners will grow. If your preferred vendor is not listed yet, drop us a note and we will contact him immediately!


asemoWORLD for suppliers of assembly equipment and related services or materials

For suppliers of equipment , joining asemoWORLD is a key step into the smart ""digital future"". Make your digital services available to a much broader audience without any further effort or cost.

  • No effort, more traffic: There is virutally no effort connecting to asemoWORLD: Just have your digital services hyperlinked you are done. No additional development or adjustment required! While additional traffic to your online space can be expected though.
  • No risk, full control: Getting your digital services such as webshop, training portal, download center etc connected to the asemoWORLD Digitals comes without any risk: You will stay in charge of all your offerings and data.
  • Driving the change: Some say you must be first on the road to fully utilizing the potentials of digitalization. Not wrong but not the full truth: The road isn't there yet, it only being built right now. Define the map rather than just reading it. Drive the change amongst the first

Take advantage of asemoWORLD: JOIN NOW!

If you don't want to miss the chances of a joining the digital "B2B"-express heading for smart industries with smart customers: Join asemoWORLD! More details are explained in the Questions-and-Answers section further down below. If you want to ask asemoWORLD direcly:


More questions?

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