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A smart factory is never built from just one source. In the best case, electronics manufacturers can rely on a strong network of solution partners that act hand in hand for the best advantage of their joint customer.

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Hot Spots of Smart Factory Integration: Find the next disruption here

asemoHOTSPOTs of Smart Factory Integration provide a selection of latest solutions, products, tools and features to help you boost your productivity and get you ready for the next step of "4.0".

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The power of Standards:

“The next big thing” in integration of mixed vendor equipment in SMT assembly lines: “Flexibility up, cost down.”

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Cloud Power for the Shop Floor: ASM FactoryChat

Discover your new tool of choice for communication and collaboration in the Integrated Smart Factory. Enable your operators to solve errors faster. Or spur digital process documentation in general. Or ... so much more: ASM FcatoryChat is what you want to use it for. It is everything but "Just another tool".

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